PVC FIGURES Set OF 3 Coraline Movie Figurines


4 figures


BRAND NEW Coraline Figurines

Coraline is a animated stop-motion 3-D horror fantasy film made in 2009. Coraline Jones moves into the Pink Palace Apartments in with her loving but distracted parents.  The first week of her moving in she meets a strange boy named Wybie (real name Wyborne) Lovat,Image result for Set B - 3" PVC FIGURES

whose grandmother used to live in the Pink Palace (and now owns it). He

gives her a doll that resembles Coraline the next day. Coraline also

encounters a stray black cat

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that is familiar to the neighborhood and is often tended by Wybie.


by:  Dakota Fanning (Coraline) Teri Hatcher and John Hodgman (Her

Parents, Robert Bailey Jr (Wybie) and Keith David (stray Black Cat).