Funko Wizard of Oz: Wicked Witch Wacky Wobbler

Wicked Witch Wacky Wobbler

  • Travel over the rainbow with this bobble head from the Land of Oz!
  • Bring home the Wicked Witch
  • L. Frank Baum’s beloved The Wizard of Oz characters live on!

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L. Frank Baum’s beloved The Wizard of Oz characters live on! Direct from the magical Land of Oz, comes this adorable spectacular bobble head of the witch that started it all: Dressed in her signature black dress the wicked witch stands approximately 6-inches tall. Order yours today from amazon using the link below

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Some people call them bobble head, head nodders, bobbing heads or wobbling heads

The Wacky Wobblers Series have been on the market since 1998 and is rapidly growing as a collectible.
These Fully Licensed, Limited edition nodders come packaged in a Colorful collector box.
The Wacky Wobblers are 7.5″ tall, highly detailed and made of durable PVC plastic.

Funko, or FunKo, is a company that manufactures and produces bobbleheads. Funko specializes in bobbleheads resembling cartoon, tv or movie characters.

Funko was founded in 1998 by Mike Becker, a self-proclaimed Chairman of Fun. The company was originally conceived by Becker as a small project that may bring back various low-tech toys in the now high-tech world of today. Funko’s first manufactured bobblehead was of the restaurant icon known as Big Boy. With the success of this initial creation, a line of Wacky Wobblers was created. Funko has now sold well over 1.5 million of its Wacky Wobblers to small gift, novelty, and collectable stores worldwide.