Dark Carnival Series 1


Mezco presents the Dark Carnival line of action figures, featuring sideshow freaks, geeks and evil clowns. This case of 6 individually packaged action figures includes: 3x Stitches (Bobble figure with spiked pie and seltzer bottle), 2x Cadaver the Clown (Bobble figure with mask and mallet), and 1x Browning Bros. (Pierced figure with removable twin, triplet brother, and spike). (Subject to change.)

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Stitches: Sorrow and despair are sure to be had when Stitches arrives. Mischievous pranks abound as this clown is sure to raise the hair on all the boys and ghouls. By the end of the show you’ll be dripping in misery and kept in stitches.Image result for DARK CARNIVAL FIGURES Dark Carnival Series 1 Description:

Cadaver the Clown: Come and laugh at the immoral antics of Cadaver the Clown. Encumbered with a foul odor he will keep you shrieking for more and crying for mercy. This two-faced jester is rotten to the core.

The Browning Brothers: Gunter, Grandy, Arturo, Peter and Dieter. Witness these monstrosities of nature. Confined to each in life and in death. Five brothers joined together by horrid flesh. Sharing organs, limbs and brains. See abnormalities so shocking not even their dead mother could love them.

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